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How is the process going?

1. Ovarian stimulation

Stimulation begins on the first day of the menstruation and lasts for 8-10 days. Hormones are injected by yourself for ovarian stimulation. During this period, you need to come to the clinic two or three times for ultrasound examinations and blood tests that will allow us to control the ovarian stimulation in order to decide the day of oocyte retrieval and its further freezing.

2. Oocytes retrieval under anesthesia

In order to avoid discomfort, the procedure goes under anesthesia, the ovary is pierced by a very thin needle through the female genital organs and controlled by ultrasound. It takes 5-10 minutes to remove them. During the first two hours after the puncture, the woman should stay in the clinic and be under the supervision of a doctor, moreover, she should go on best rest for one day.

3. Oocyte cryopreservation

Biologists cryopreserve the eggs in incubators with liquid nitrogen in the laboratory, so the oocytes save their properties until they are used. Within 3 days day after the oocyte puncture, you can return to the usual way of life.

What does oocyte cryopreservation (vitrification) mean?

Oocyte cryopreservation is a freezing system in which eggs cool 600 times faster than during the normal one. In a very short period of time, the oocytes transfer from room temperature to a temperature of liquid nitrogen, which is -196 ° C.

It should be mentioned that the probability of a woman’s pregnancy falls below 20% from 30 years. At the age of 35, this probability is 15%, and 40 years is below 8%. This is because oocytes with age decrease in quantity and become worse in quality, as a result thus the chance of getting pregnant is falling down and the number of abortions is increasing, as well as the percentage of new born babies with anomalies .

With the development of modern technologies, there is the possibility to do oocyte cryopreservation before its quality begins to decrease. The decision to freeze the egg can be taken in advance in order to become a mother without any dependence from time, for example, if you need to solve any vital or professional issues. In other cases, the decision is made at the age of 30-35, if you still did not find beloved with whom you want create a family.

Cryopreservation in our laboratory allows you to save all the properties of oocyte at the time of the retrieval. With the freezing of your eggs, you are given the opportunity to decide for yourself when to become a mother without experiencing the pressure of time that generates emotional problems in relationships or your work.

1. It is not a good time for having a baby.

You know you want to be a mother, but the time or the right person to share it with has not quite arrived. You need some more time and you do not want to reduce your chances of having a healthy child in the future.

2. If you need to delay childbearing

You have a career development and do not have any time for having a child at the moment, or you still didn’t find the right person and want to have a baby in future. If you need more time, but don’t want to decrease chances of having a healthy child you should do cryopreservation of ovules.

3. If you have any health problems

Cancer treatment can have negative effects on your future fertility. If you do cryopreservation of ovules before the treatment you will have healthy oocytes and after recovery you can become a mother.

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