Caring for a newborn is an adventure for any mother. For gilts, because they face an unknown situation. And for those who have more children, because there are not two identical babies and it is very likely that the techniques they used with their previous child will not work with the newcomer.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed and add more knowledge to those you already have (you’ve probably read lots of books on the subject), we’ve talked to experts and other mothers who have found themselves in your same circumstances.

Thanks to them we have compiled this list of ideas that can facilitate your day-to-day with your little one.

To have a good day is a must have spent a good night (the baby does not do the night followed is normal and does not mean that he sleeps badly, being so tiny you need to wake up several times to eat).

Effective Techniques:

– During the first months, put him in a bassinet, not in a large crib. By having a smaller size, your child can touch the boundaries of where you are, you will feel more secure and sleep better.

– Change the bulb of your bedside lamp to one of bluish light. You will avoid being unveiled when you give him nightly shots.

– It is also wise to place your bassinet beside your bed, but in the opposite direction. In this way, when you give the light and join to attend to it, there will be an immediate exchange of glances between you. And this will comfort you as much as to, at times, continue to sleep without more.

– Of course you can rock him so that he falls asleep, but the ideal thing is that you leave him in the bassinet just before he falls asleep. Thus, if he wakes up at night it will be easier for him to sleep alone.

– Leave in his crib a handkerchief that smells like you. It will keep you company.

– Give him the same tune every day to tell him that the night begins. Children become better accustomed to acts that are routine.

– To avoid the risk of sudden death you should never lie on your stomach. Put it face up: this position will prevent you from choking if you regurgitate.

-And so that you do not cover your head with the sheets, you must lie down at the foot of the crib; that is, with his feet touching the lower limit of the mattress and with the sheet folded in half and well tucked.

The Moment of Feeding

Besides sleep, another key factor for your baby to grow up strong, healthy and happy is food. He still does not understand schedules, so do not wait to feed him if he gets hungry too soon, or wake him up if it’s time for his meal and he’s still asleep. During sleep, growth hormone is secreted and it is true that “sleeping feeds children as much as eating”.

The Proper Posture

All pediatricians advise feeding the baby with breast milk during the first months. For you to eat better it is important that you find a position in which you are comfortable.

All pediatricians advise feeding the baby with breast milk during the first months. For you to eat better it is important that you find a position in which you are comfortable.

Another option is to stay in bed lying on your side and knock your child in front of you, with his face at the height of your nipple. It will help to put a cushion between your legs, another on your back and another one under your head.

The Best Technique

– So that you do not swallow air, if you breastfeed, put a lot of the areola in your mouth and if you give the bottle, check that the nipple is full of milk before offering it.

-Try feeding her in a rocking chair. It is studied that the swinging favors the production of breast milk, relaxes the baby and helps to alleviate the gases that accumulate both the child and the mother, if they have done the cesarean section.

Calm, sure you eat well

You will know that you are eating enough if you stay calm after the feeding, it takes at least two and a half hours to claim the next one, wet at least six diapers a day and recover in two weeks the weight you lost at birth. Then you will have to earn an average of 200 grams per week.

Help him to Expel The Gases

– To burp after eating and avoid digestive discomfort, you should keep it upright, lying on your shoulder, for a few minutes. You can also lie face down on your legs, while you are sitting, and press lightly on your back.

– So that you do not get your clothes on when you regurgitate, it’s a good idea to put a small bidet towel on your shoulder. You can also put one under your head when you lie down: you can easily change it for another if the stain and will not wake up by moisture.