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The cryopreservation of gametes is a technic which is often used in centres of reproductive medicine.

This method is usually used due to preserve sperm or eggs for future fertilization of couples who cannot get pregnant by themselves. It is also a way of save the donor`s biological material in the clinic, so they will have the opportunity to use it for fertilization in futurity. With age the quantity and quality of the produced woman’s oocytes decreases, that is why a woman is able to freeze them today and use it later.

When is advisable to freeze sperm?

During the life, men produce the same amount of sperm, but with age the quality and its movability can become worse, that is why there are situations when it is strongly recommended to freeze sperm. Below you can see the examples.

Working conditions:

It is suggested for people who have some professional circumstance or certain professional activity that may endanger the integrity of the reproductive system or the quality of sperm, mostly, it concerns military or security forces, as well as personnel that work with toxic or radioactive substances.

What is more it can be used for preservation of reproductive capacity before vasectomy

It is useful for men who have a wish to become a father in future.

There exist different circumstances in which it can be usefully and even advisable the freezing semen on the part of the male.

patients with oncology who need to undergo the treatment:

It is highly recommended for patients with oncology who need to undergo the treatment due to the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy that may influence on the sperm, we advise to freeze sperm before the treatment in order to preserve reproductive capacity.

Moreover, it is also advised for men with low sperm quality who want to preserve reproductive capacity. As a rule, these patients require a cycle of assisted reproductive treatment and have semenograms with low amount of sperm and/or reduced diastalsis of sperm (oligozoospermia and severe stage of asthenozoospermia). It is possible that with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF) or ICSI (the transfer of a sperm into the oocyte cytoplasm) pregnancy can be achieved at this stage, but it would be appropriate to freeze a sample of sperm for future use in the case of decreasing the quality of sperm with age. There are men who do not undergo a reproductive treatment, but understand that their sperm have a poor quality (for example, the donors of sperm or men who make spermograma for themselves); in this case, it is recommended to freeze the sperm at this stage in order to have the opportunity to become a father in future because with age sperm quality has the ability to deteriorate.

To ensure the presence of seed on the day of in vitro (IVF):

The husband should deliver the seed at a specific day and time for realization of the IVF or ICSI procedure. There are some circumstances when this procedure is impossible, for example, you are on the road, or you feel moral pressure because of the importance of the moment, which makes the process of seed delivering complicated or even impossible. In this case, it is advisable to freeze semen a few days before the IVF or ICSI procedure is realized.